The American College of Cardiology has presented three new studies showing that drinking 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day results in a lower risk of heart disease and heart rhythm problems, and can help you live longer.

The first study followed 382,535 people who didn’t have heart disease over 10 years.  They found that the greatest benefit came from drinking 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day and resulted in a 10% – 15% lower risk of developing heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmias, or dying from any cause.

The second study followed 34,279 people who started out with heart disease.  They found that drinking 2 – 3 cups of coffee per day vs not drinking coffee resulted in a lower risk of death for them.  People with AFib who drank one cup per day were almost 20% less likely to die than those who didn’t drink coffee.

The third study compared results from drinking instant vs ground coffee or caffeinated vs decaf.  They found that arrhythmias, blockages in the arteries, stroke, or heart failure were all lower in those who drank 2 – 3 cups of coffee whether it was ground or instant, and death rates were lower regardless of what type of coffee was consumed.  Decaf did not reduce the risk of arrhythmia or heart failure, but did reduce other heart disease risk.

Coffee is rich in antioxidant flavonoids that help improve your health by reducing inflammation, strengthening insulin sensitivity and metabolism, reducing fat absorption in your gut, and also blocking receptors that are associated with abnormal heart rhythms.  As long as you don’t overdo it by drinking more than six cups per day or adding a lot of sugar, cream or other calorie-laden flavorings to your coffee, enjoy it and help your heart health!

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