Tag: potassium

Foods for Energy

There are several factors that affect your energy level throughout the day.  These include a lack of sleep, lack of exercise, and stress.  One of the most important is …

Drink to Your Health!

What you drink throughout the day is just as important as what you eat and will affect your health either positively or negatively.  If you’re drinking soda, sports drinks, …

The Wonders of Watermelon

It’s mid-August and the heat is relentless — have some watermelon.  It’s not only a delicious way to cool off, it’s also highly nutritious with many health benefits. Hydration.  Watermelon …

Too Much Salt or Not Enough Potassium?

Sodium and potassium are both electrolytes that your body needs, with potassium working to maintain normal fluid levels inside the cells, and sodium the normal fluid levels outside the …

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